Swedish, German and Spanish below:
Language has always been my passion and here I will write about language, especially about multilinguism. I will post mainly in Swedish, but also in English, German and Spanish. My two multilingual children are my inspiration and many things turn around them and how it is to raise multilingual children. Especially how to pass on your mother tongue to your children when living abroad will be a main theme.

I started early with other languages than my mother tongue Swedish. In kindergarten I got classes in English because a friend of mine got mother tongue classes. Another friend spoke Spanish and yet another friend Finnish.

In school I continued with English and started with German in the 7th grade. Later I added Latin and Spanish.

My university studies led to a Master of Arts with a mayor in Spanish (including English, Linguistics and History). My ERASMUS year in Spain was followed by two years of a Master in Translation in Madrid.

A couple of years later, I met my husbund, a Spaniard living in Germany, and I got to refresh my non-existing German, starting to live in yet another country.

After the children were born I took a degree in Swedish as Second Language, for teaching Swedish. I am giving Swedish at two universitites nearby since 2008.

Currently I am working at the University of Education in Weingarten (Germany), where I am also a PhD student in pedagogics. Focus in my current reserach is teaching of reading comprehension in multilingual settings.

I am the Project Manager of a new Master at the PH Weingarten, which will be given as e-learning:

Jag är en mångsysslare inom språk, med fokus på flerspråkighet. Här kommer du att hitta blandat om språk, språkinlärning och flerspråkighet, mest på svenska. Det blir mycket information för oss svenskar som bor i utlandet.

Sprache, Spracherwerb und Mehrsprachigkeit sind Themen für die mein Herz schlägt. Hier kommt immer wieder Info dazu.

Idiomas y multilinguismo son mis pasiones, aquí podrás leer más de ello. Hablar muchos idiomas es un regalo, lo quiero pasar a mis niños.


Monica Bravo Granström

Monica Bravo Granström med sina barn.


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  1. Klasse! Vi pratar svenska och tyska hemma, alla talar franska (vår dotter får det i skolan), min man och dotter även holländska och dottern lär sig även engelska i skolan (som också vi föräldrar kan). Keep up the good work – GE INTE UPP är det enda jag kan säga!

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