“I love svenska”- ny recension på Amazon.com/New review on Amazon.com

Now my book “I love svenska” has two reviews on Amazon.com


The second one is also very positive and I am very happy yo be able to contribute to Swedish families multilingualism all over the world.

The second review:

As a mother of two Swedish/American children who is fluent without accent in both languages, this is THE best manual I have ever come across.I teach three and four year old children at a Swedish school and this has become my “goto” book.
The book is written from a parent perspective but without the emotional “this is how I did it, and that is the only way” attitude. The language is excellent and the references to research is outstanding. For the price, I was hoping for a more “fancy” layout. However, the size of the book makes it perfect for today’s billingual parent. It fits in the bag, between the seats in the car and it is easy to read a chapter while waiting in line for carpool at school/sportsactivities, at the bench on a stroll with the baby or over the morning coffee when you finally have got your little newborn to go to sleep.
Monica Bravo Granström har i en liten tunn bok fångat ALLA frågetecken som vi utlandssvenskar ställer oss när vi ställs inför valet om hur vi ska språkligt uppfostra våra flerspråkiga barn. Tips, ideer, hänvisning till forskning och litteratur. Den visar på alla möjligheter vi har att lyckas i vår strävan att få våra barn att finna glädjen i alla sina kulturer.


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